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  • depo-yonetimi
  • ic-nakliye
  • lojistik-cozumler
  • International overload transport
  • International Maritime transport
  • International Airway transport
  • WAREHOUSE MAnagement
  • Door to door domestic transport
  • Logistic Solutions



Road Transport Piano logistics’ greatest strength coming from; The number and type of tool can provide needed by the customer at any time. All details of the vehicles managed, owned or rental vehicles without distinction, is registered with the Department of Piano Logistics operations. All attractive in our company, semi-trailers, all drivers and delivery vehicles have all the necessary equipment and certificates. Piano Logistics customers, they feel at every stage of the operation form the basis of the services they receive comfort, safety and security standards created by this. Piano Logistics customer representatives, while keeping the customer satisfaction at the forefront also  fleet operations team  is monitored and controlled 7/24.


In cases where the time is more important than freight rate , air transport is a transport model certainly preferred. Piano LOGISTICS at Air Transportation give direct service agentless to the unloading and loading entire organization engages with its staff .Piano logistics has strong relation ships with airline companıes and  connected to the international network of agents  such as WCA Family of Logistic Networks, Network and FAN FREIGHT PLATFORM accordıng of these Piano logistic  has organizational structure to can provide air transport services all over the world .Piano gives service AIR CARGO LOGISTICS airport from airport or door to door all over the world country. The ability to transport  transit time options and by different airline and if desired also offers transport of Transit Trade.


Piano logistics engage in container transportation in more than 100 markets scheduled, complete and partial worldwide. With the power taken from the experience they offers to their customers container transportation services worldwide Piano LOGISTICS provide to their customers reasonable prices with strong agent network in the market and experience . Besides the optimal shipping time and safety they will benefit a lot of advantages from a partnership with  the world’s leading shipping companies Piano Logistics offers an outstanding partial container transport services with regular, reliable, fast and cost effective weekly sea voyages from the world’s largest production point to customer market.


Piano Logistics provide  the most suitable transport time and cost opportunities to their customers. They are able to supply all kinds of wagons required by the Standard Turkey and the European railways. Service organization can made at created in different places the control and ports .Piano logistics have idea  in the near future the container wagon transportation will become more economic and date due to road transport problems such as traffic problems, vehicle bans on walking, nature, pollution and bad weather.


You can be developed different projects, you may need different services or you may need to take advantage of all combined transport At that time, the Piano can offer a variety of transportation services, as well as your own …

We know that; transportation service with a team of business; load-haul-dump should mean more than the triple …

With Container (Dry Bulk) Transportation,

  • Industrial Plants investments Transportation,
  • Customized Solutions,
  • Heavy load transports



  • depo yönetimi

    Warehouse management

    Warehouse management is now one of the largest share in all logistics activities.
  • kapıdan kapıya

    Door to door

    We ensure that your products in the right place at the right time Insıde of Turkey .


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