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  • depo-yonetimi
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  • lojistik-cozumler
  • International overload transport
  • International Maritime transport
  • International Airway transport
  • WAREHOUSE MAnagement
  • Door to door domestic transport
  • Logistic Solutions


A/a : Always afloat
The a.a : against all risks
Ari consignment note :  Air waybill
Airport of arrival : Arrival airport
Airport of departure : Airport of departure
Airway bill : Air waybill
Always safely afloat : Always floating case
A.m. : Previous time zone afternoon
Invoice Amounts : the amount of the invoice
Approx : roughly, approximately
ARR : Arrival time
B/L : Consignment
Booking : Reservations
Breakdown clause : the deterioration of the ship to the time the lease agreement or policy, or equipment used for collision
Breaking bulk : Vessels to start unloading
Brokerage : Brokerage (simsal) ‘s due to services related to the lease deserved commission
B.S. : Stacked in the barn
B.S.T. : British summer time
Bulk : Bulk cargo (not included in a package, eg coal)
Bulk freight : light-weight but with a high load stacking fakör
ca : Estimated
c.a.d. (c/d) : against documents
c.a.f. : Coüt, assurance, fret,cif : Carrying the load
c.i.f. : Goods cost, insurance and freight
cargo : Carrying the load
Carriage : Transport, transportation
Carrier : Carrier
c.o.d. : Costs borne by the buyer
Certificate of origin : Origin şahadten AMAS
c. + f : cost of goods and handling fee
c. + i : Property Insurance coverage
Charge : Charges, fees, charges
Chargeable weight : weight incurring a charge
CIF : as the price of the goods delivered
c.i.f. + c : goods cost, insurance, freight and expenses
c.i.f landed : the goods cost, insurance, freight and evacuation costs
City Terminal Service : Urban ternimal service
c.k.d. : It can be installed completely disassembled and moved to
Claims : Complaints
c / o : through
c.o.d. : To be paid on delivery
Collecting free : fees paid to get the goods on board in the port of arrival
Commodity rates : Shipping charges that tabloso
Conditions of contract : Contract terms
Consignee : Property receiver
Consignment : The delivered goods, shipping goods, shipping
Consignor : Commodity sender
Consilidator : who are members of IATA and organizations that combine goods shipped in bulk
Consular Invoice (C.I) : Certified bill
c.o.s. : Fees paid lessor
CPT : Carriage Paid pick
CRF : Cost and freight
Current rates : Current prices
Customs broker : Customs broker
Customs clearance : Customs procedures, customs clearance
Customs declaration : Customs declaration
DAF : delivered at the border
d.d : decks that dangerous goods are stacked
DDP : Delivery paid customs official
DDU : Delivery Duty Unpaid
Dead freight : freight Regret
Delivering carrier : delivering the goods to the buyer when the carrier reaches the destination port
Delivery service : delivery service
Demurrage : demurrage
DEP : Time to move on
DES : ship delivered
DEQ : Delivered Ex Quay
Dispatch Money : delivery fee, additional fee to be paid in case of premature loading or unloading ships
d.i.c. : The cargo-taking capacity
d.i.o. : Paid on delivery fees alone installation
d / p : sending the documents against payment is made
Emergengy rates : Emergengy time in emergency cases connected to the conference tariff applied by ship
e.t.a. : The ship’s estimated time of arrival
E.T.C. : Possible turnaround time
Ex Ship : ship delivered
EXW : the delivery of the workplace
f.a.c. : Load / speed of the work done as possible using all the opportunities of the vessel during unloading
f.a.s. : Aircraft delivery
f.o.b. : Ship delivered
Force majeure : Force majeure
f.o.t. : Checked in at Truck
f.t. : the freight market indicates that the inclusion of all commissions and discounts.
Gateaway charges : All costs incurred to increase the load on the air port
General cargo rates : Mixed loads related fee table
Goods : Commodity goods
Handling : Loading operations
Incoterms : Incoterms
N regular turn : Seamless order
Landing charges : Unloading costs
L / C : Letter of Credit
Lines terms : Regular line conditions
Livraison en cale : When set to contract this condition, Aliicia must take delivery of goods in the hold of the ship and any
costs and risks of unloading belongs to him.
L.S.&D charges : unloading, storage and delivery fees
L / T : Great tone: 1016.047 kg
Main port : The main port
M/R : reported to be aboard the cargo and the second captain signed on its behalf by the bill of lading or temporarily
the waybill / receipt
n.o.p. : Is not provided in another way.
Offload : Evacuated load
Open rates : Open schedule
o.w.h. : Normal working hours
pd : Paid
p.m. : Afternoon
p.o.d. : Paid on delivery
Shipment : Delivery
Subopen : provided that Open
Surcharge : Surcharge – port congestion, temporarily received more freight for reasons such as jam
Thru B/L : a single bill of lading
Trace : Instead of reaching shipments made about the investigation
u.c. : Normally
w / m : calculated by weight or volume of freight to be



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    Warehouse management

    Warehouse management is now one of the largest share in all logistics activities.
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    Door to door

    We ensure that your products in the right place at the right time Insıde of Turkey .


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